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Sijijini and Juta Day Care 1/8/2018

Today Marks a special day for Insumbi Technical Business and Sijijini and Juta Day Care.

Its our first monthly drop off of food supplies.

We here at Insumbi will be contributing every month to Sijijini and Juta Day Care.

Today we delivered:

1 x 12kg Maize Meal

1 x 10kg Rice

1 x 1kg Sugar

2 x 10kg Bags of Potatoes

8 x 1kg Morvite Breakfast

1 x 5kg Red Beans

12 x Tin Beans

12 x Canned Fish

12 x Tin Mixed Veg

1 x 2 liter Inkomazi

1 x 5 liter Oil

This is a month supplier for the 32 Kids at the Day Care


Mandela Day 2018

What a beautiful way to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday with doing our part to make a difference in our community with 67min for Mandela day. We donated Plastic tables, chairs, educational charts and sweet buckets for each kid.

Sijijini and Juta Day Care is situated in the outskirts in the Informal settlement in Apex. It was founded by Mbali Ndlangamandla in 2016 and she currently has 32 kids ages between 3months to 5 years at her day care. Which she also feeds everyday. Each kids schools fees are R200 a month.

Insumbi has identified and aligned itself with Sijijini and Juta day care/preschool and will be helping them every month with what they need.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank

#mandeladay2018 #mandeladay #insumbi #southafrica


Daveyton Golf Day

Here at Insumbi we pride ourselves in the ability in giving back to our community.

We aligned ourselves with a local Golf school called Fore the Boys who were partner upped with Bononi Country club in saving Daveyton Golf Club.

This initiative will preserve and maintain the Daveyton course by training greens keepers by Benoni Country Club. This will also preserve and increase the amazing talent of the youth in Daveyton. Daveyton Golf Club came alive with the Fore the Boys initiative that raised over R35000, thanks to all the sponsors. Congratulations to Andy Mossop for coming first in the Fore the Boys golf School.