Drifter Parts

Quality Hydraulic Drifter Parts and Spares.

We are the largest supplier of drifter parts and spares in Southern Africa. With a proven track record in the mining industry and trusted by some of the largest drilling companies in the world you have come to the right place.

Hydraulic drifter spares are engineered to meet the highest standards. Made from the highest quality material in ISO approved Engineering workshops with continuous R/D (Research and Development) in all parts. We continuously sourcing and developing new products to keep our customers drifter maintenance/ repair cost down and extend the life of the drifter.

Original (OEM) and Replacement spare parts for surface and underground hydraulic drifters.

Drifter Parts
Drifter Parts for Surface and Underground Drifters

Trust the Drifter Specialists.

Original and replacement Spares

Supply of drifter parts for Montabert, Atlas Copco (Epiroc), Furukawa and Sandvik Rock drill.

Montabert Drifters Spares

Insumbi is an approved distributor of Montabert Products.

HC20 – HC25 – HC50 – HC95 – HC109 – HC110 – HC112 – HC150 – HC158 – HC160 – HC200

Sandvik (Rock Drill) Drifters spares

RD314 – H200 – HLX 1 – HLX5 – HL510 – HL600 – HL800 – HL1060 – HL1500 – HL1560 – RD1840C

Atlas Copco drifters spares

COP 1838 – COP 1840

Furukawa Drifters spares

HD-700 Series and HD-800 Series

Yamamoto Drifter Spares

Ingersoll Rand and JunJin Drill Rigs

YH-65, YH70, YH-80, YH-80A, YH-135

Hydraulic Drifter spares South Africa contact info@insumbi.com

Re-manufacture and engineering of drifter parts that are obsolete or continue to fail.

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