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Montabert South Africa

Insumbi Technical Business has been approved by Montabert (France) as a certified repairer of Montabert drifters, reseller of drifter spares and CPA excavator drill attachments.

France-based Montabert S.A.S. is a leader in hydraulic demolition and drilling equipment for use in mining, construction, and more. Montabert is known worldwide for the design, production, and distribution of rock drill products and rock breakers and has manufacturing facilities in Saint-Priest (Lyon), France.

Montabert Drifters

Robust product line

The Montabert brand includes light, medium, and heavy rock breakers; breaker tools; hydraulic drifters; and drilling attachments (CPAs)

Insumbi Technical Business will be bringing South Africa’s first Montabert CPA Drill attachment to industry.

Montabert CPA 225 Drill Attachment

A series of innovations

The Montabert brand history began in 1921 when the company was founded in Lyon, France to manufacture pneumatic equipment for other companies. In 1949, Montabert started an internal design department dedicated to developing products under the Montabert name. 

In 1963, Montabert introduced the first parallel boom assembly for underground drilling, known as the “burn cut” method. A few years later, in 1965, Montabert pioneered the first hand-held jack hammer powered by hydraulics; these hammers were a significant improvement over the pneumatic jack hammers in the market.

In 1969, Montabert introduced the first hydraulic hammer that could be attached to an excavator, beginning a successful product hydraulic rock breaker product line. In the same year, the company launched the first hydraulic out-of-the-hole drifter in the world.

In 1978, Montabert developed a custom tunneling solution, using multiple booms on multiple drilling rigs, which allows simultaneous rock breaking in a semi-circular pattern; this tunneling solution is now used worldwide. 

In 1987, Montabert debuted a variable breaker; the full variable breaker product line now includes eight models which are the only 15-speed breakers in the world. 

In 2004, Montabert introduced the SC range (light breakers for compact carriers) and, in 2009, the Blue Line (a lower priced version for lighter duty applications). 

Insumbi Drifter repairs

Factory-certified technicians disassemble the used hydraulic Drifter, inspecting its components. The unit’s wear parts — seals, bushings, tool retainers, diaphragm and shank stop — are replaced, while the unit’s remaining parts are cleaned or replaced according to factory specifications. The Drifter is then reassembled and painted before undergoing testing on our hydraulic dyno tester. 

We service the surface/Open Pit and underground drilling industry.

Underground Drifter Repairs

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