Montabert CPA

With a Montabert CPA drilling attachments, your hydraulic excavator becomes a multipurpose tool.

Montabert CPA Unit mounted on an Excavator

Insumbi Technical Business is an approved Montabert agent.

We are the leaders in Africa for Montabert Drifters.

Where are Montabert CPA used?


• Quarry holes for blasting

• Trenches and road opening

• Utility works

• Anchoring, rock bolting, draining

• Rough terrain construction

• High or long reach drilling

Montabert cpa insumbi

Main user benefits:

• Attachments easy to install and remove

• Simple to use

• Wide range of application

• Long reach possibilities

• More flexible than a drill rig

• Improve usage rate of the excavator

• Enables the possibility of managing complete activities on site (excavation, anchorage, bolting or blasting)

• Reduces reliance on others

• Expands the company’s capabilities

Montabert Drifters HC50 HC95 HC112 HC150RP HC160



Montabert CPA vs Surface Drill

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