montabert drifter conversion

Hydraulic Drifter Conversion

Why convert your drill rig to a Montabert drifter?

10% Increase in Performance
35% Decrease in Consumables
57% Reduction in Operation costs

60% Shank life increased

Noise levels decreased by approximately 6dB

Optimize your Surface and underground drill rigs with a Montabert drifter.

  • Wide range of drifters and cradles make adaptations simple on competitors’ units (bit size, hole length)
  • Lower noise levels and less vibration enhance operator environment
  • Increased tool life (striking bar, bits and coupler) decrease your cost
  • Stronger rotation systems for better reliability
  • Maintenance-free accumulators
  • Reduction in vibration (less wear on drifter body sections and pins, bushings, boom, etc.)
  • Lowest maintenance drifter on market
  • 50% reduction in service interval, as rebuild with Montabert drifters is once every 800 hours compared to 1 rebuild every 400 hours with competitor’s offering.
  • Total unit operating cost reduction of 56.8%
Tests comparing our Montabert HC110 to a leading competitor’s hydraulic drifter

If you struggling with unreliable support from competitors, let Insumbi convert your drill rig to a Montabert Drifter with 24 hour support, expertise and parts availability.

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