Drifter Dyno

Drifter Dyno

Hydraulic Drifter Dyno Test.

Our hydraulic Dyno Test Bench (the only one in SA) is used to do fault finding of customer’s drifters and once a drifter is repaired we dyno test the Drifter again – dyno testing consists of measuring rotation pressure, percussion pressure, rotation flow, percussion flow, rotation speed, rotation torque and percussion frequency.

The Dyno Tester simulates on-site drilling conditions – even the hydraulic oil flowing through the system is preheated to working temperature.

Dyno tests can be preformed on the full range of drifters – Atlas Copco (Epiroc) drifter, Montabert drifter, Sandvik rock drills, Yamamoto Drifter and Furukawa drifters.

Customers can book a Dyno Test if they only want to do an extensive fault finding test or to see current performance issues contact us.

Hydraulic Drifter Test Bench

After diagnostics are done on the drifter dyno test, we print a full diagnostic performance report with dyno video.

Hydraulic drifter test bench.

Dyno testing Sandvik HLX5
Dyno testing Atlas Copco COP 1838

Insumbi Dyno tests – Atlas Copco (Epiroc) Difters, Montabert Drifters, Furukawa and Sandvik Rock Drills