Drifter Repair and Maintenance

Leaders in Hydraulic Drifter repairs and maintenance

At Insumbi we pride ourselves in keeping our customers satisfied with quality and cost effective repairs. Our drifter repair department is state of the art and we follow strict ISO Standards. A history file is kept for each drifter repaired – this assists the customer with cost analysis and repair management. Each drifter gets dyno tested on arrival at our workshop and failure report is drawn up. After the repairs the drifter is dyno tested again and a Test Certificate is issued noting percussion pressure, rotation pressure, flow/min and all bolt torque specs. We work closely with our clients to develop maintenance plans to reduce their repair cost dramatically. We also offer a training program for drill rig operators.

We are also an official repairer and distributor for Montabert France.

We accept drifter repairs from all over Africa.

Workshop Procedures:

On arrival of a customers’ drifter at our workshop it is mounted on a drifter stand and gets attached to a Dyno Test Bench (the only one in SA) to do fault finding – dyno testing consists of measuring rotation pressure, percussion pressure, rotation flow, percussion flow and to determine external leaks. Problems with the drifter, drill rig or operating procedures can be identified at this stage of dyno testing.

A failure report is drawn up which includes photos, reasons for failures, together with a detailed repair quotation.

The stripped drifter is now loaded and stored in a lock-up bin to ensure security of parts and to eliminate any damage that might be caused to the parts whilst waiting to be reassembled.

The time spend to repair and assemble the drifter is kept to a minimum, as we keep spares in stock and can also import parts in the case where there are no spares available in the country, thus ensuring that the customers’ downtime is kept to the minimum.

On completion, the drifter is again tested on the Dyno Test Bench and a Quality Control Test Certificate is issued, confirming that the drifter conforms to all Test Criteria.

During the assembling process all tightening torques are done and check with specialised torque equipment, which is also noted on the Quality Control Test Certificate.

Insumbi Technical Business also issues a warranty, equivalent to the suppliers (OEM) warranty.



The finished Drifter is wrapped in heat shrink plastic with all relevant information of the drifter on it and placed on a wooden pallet ready for transport.

We can collect and deliver your drifter anywhere in South Africa.

Our main focus of drifters are:

Montabert, Atlas Copco, Sandvik and Furukawa drifters

Montabert Drifter:

Montabert drifter repairs and spares South Africa.

Supply of repair kits 400hr, 800hr and Seal kits

HC20 – HC25 – HC50 – HC80 – HC95 – HC109 – HC110 – HC112 – HC150 – HC158 – HC160 – HC200

Atlas Copco (Epiroc) Drifter:

Atlas Copco drifter repairs and spares South Africa.

Supply of repair kits 400hr, 800hr and Seal kits

COP 1132, COP 1838, COP 1840

Sandvik Rock Drill Drifter:

Sandvik drifter repairs and spares South Africa.

Supply of repair kits 500hr, 1000hr and Seal kits

RD314 – H200 – HLX-1 – RDX5 – HLX-5 – HL700 – HL800 – HL1000 – HL1500 – HL1560RD1840C

Furukawa Drifter:

Furukawa drifter repairs and spares South Africa.

Supply of repair kits 400hr, 800hr and Seal kits

HD-700 Series and HD-800 Series

Yamamoto YH Drifter:

Used on JunJin and Ingersoll Rand drill rigs

YH-65, YH70, YH-80, YH-80A, YH-135