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Montabert underground Drifter repairs

Hydraulic Drifter Specialist

What is a Drifter?

You get two main types of Drifters also known as a Rock Drill – Hydraulic Drifter and Pneumatic Drifter (air). In this article we will be focusing on the HYDRAULIC DRIFTER used on Drill Rigs for Surface and Underground mining activities.

A hydraulic Drifter or Rock Drill is a high frequency hammer that uses shock wave transmission (Percussion), Rotation torque and water/air flushing to allow a drill bit to penetrate rocks. With years of advancement in materials and hydraulic technology there isn’t a cheaper, safer and faster way to drill into rocks to depths of 2m to 24m vertically or horizontally.

Below is a video on basic drilling principles that are applicable to surface and underground drilling.

Feed – Percussion – Rotation – Flushing

Basic drilling Principles

Where are Hydraulic Drifters used?

Surface and Underground Drill rigs

Surface Mining and Underground Mining

There are two main types of Drill rigs that use hydraulic drifters, Top hammer drills: Crawler drills that are used for opencast mining; and Drill jumbos that are used for operations such as tunnel and production drilling. Both types are mainly used to drill holes for charging explosives for blasting or roof support for safety.

Surface Drilling
Underground Drilling

Surface Drill Rigs

Open cast mines – Quarries – Construction sites:

Top Hammer

Montabert CPA

CPA – Excavator Mounted Drill Attachment

Crawler Drill Rig

Shaft Sinking

Underground Drill Rigs

Single Boom – Tunneling and Production Drilling

Double Boomer – Tunneling and Production Drilling

Rail track Mounted Boomer

Roof Bolting

Cable bolters and Rock Reinforcement

Hole Diameter:

Also know as bore diameter (Internal Diameter): Hole Diameter varies depending on application, drifter power (kw) and rock hardness. On average hydraulic drifter can drill holes diameters ranging from +/- 24mm to 178mm.

Hydraulic Drifter Maintenance at Insumbi:

Hydraulic drifter Repairs

Hourly Maintenance is key:

When drilling the drifter begins to wear on certain internal components, there are strict hourly service intervals that when done saves companies money on repairs and catastrophic failures in the future.

The only way a Drilling Contractors/Mines or Construction Sites can save money on repairs is a strict a maintenance schedule for all drifters and drill Rigs.

Daily Maintenance should be carried out by a qualified site mechanics that have gone through our training course.

Drill Operators should be certified and re-certified when there has been site abuse identified through our rigorous failure reports and oil analysis that we issue to our customers.

Preventative Maintenance

400hr 800hr 1000 hr

That’s where Insumbi Technical Business fits in.

All our customers drifters that are in for repairs are placed on hourly maintenance. This allows us to build a history file on your hydraulic Drifter. Planned maintenance allows Insumbi to hold stock for quick repair turn around times and less down time.

Our extensive knowledge in the drilling industry and years of experience on Surface/Underground mines makes our service team the Leaders in Hydraulic Drifter Repairs. Our highly trained technicians will maintain and service your drifters while saving you down time and money.

  • We use OEM parts and Superior replacement parts.
  • For extended quality all Drifters are dyno tested to simulate drilling environment. Performance is recorded to note which drifters are underperforming.
  • All repairs and spares comes with OEM equivalent warranty

Insumbi Service Centre repairs the following drifters:

Insumbi Montabert
Insumbi Technical Business is Montabert Approved

Montabert Drifter Repair

HC20 HC25 HC50 HC109 HC120 HC150 HC158 HC160

Sandvik (Tamrock) Rock Drill Repair

RD314 H200 HLX1 HLX5 RDX5 HL1500 HL1560 RD1840C

Atlas Copco (Epiroc) Drifter Repair

COP1838 COP1840

Furukawa Drifter Repair

HD700 Series and HD800 Series

Yamamoto YH Drifter Repair

YH85 YH135

TEI Drifter Repair

Montabert HC95 DRIFTER

Montabert HC95 Drifter

Montabert HC95 DRIFTER

The Montabert HC95 is part of Montabert France new generation hydraulic drifters.

You get 3 types of HC95 Drifters LA (“A” Adaption/Multipurpose/face drilling) – LM (“M” Mining) – LQ (“Q” Quarrying/surface mining).

What is a hydraulic drifter?

A drifter drill or drifter/rock drill is a hydraulic or pneumatic rock or ground drill used to make vertical and horizontal holes in tunnel construction and mining. It is mounted on a feed, which is like a rail that the drill travels on or drifts. This kind of drilling procedure is also called drifting. The feed is usually attached with a flexible boom (like an arm) to a stationary or mobile unit that contains the powerpack (engine and hydraulic pump or compressor). Drifters are used in mining, construction, exploration, and natural science.

It usually consists of a percussive system and a rotative system. The percussive system strikes the drill steel, for example 2000-5000 strikes per minute, whereas the number of rotations can be, for example, 100-400 per minute. The combination of these functions enables drilling holes into rock. The excess material (cuttings) is pushed up from the bottom of the hole by means of pressurized air or water.

Drifter drills can be top-hammer drills/ CPA units or Underground Single/Double Boomers and roof bolters.

Montabert HC95 Specifications:

Weight and dimensions

Weight185 kg
Overall length without shank1,033 mm
Overall length with shank1,162 mm
Overall width301 mm
Height above shank axis86 mm

Impact rating

Maximum output21 kW
Percussion flow range (max)100–120 l/min
Percussion pressure range (max)170–200 bar
Maximum impact frequency3,720 bpm
Maximum impact energy340 J

Rotation specs

100 cc125 cc160 cc
Maximum rotation speed (RPM)303303296
Oil flow (l/min)486075
Maximum pressure (bar)210210210
Maximum torque (Nm)480600750

Flushing flow and pressure

Water flushing60–120 l/min
Front end lubricating air consumption at 3 bar300 l/min

Montabert HC95 Drifter design features:

  • High input/output efficiency ratio, for reduced and optimized energy consumption
  • Latest generation of patented proactive hydraulic dampener, improving shanks and bits life span
  • Standard configuration with stainless steel front end
  • High-capacity HP nitrogen accumulator granting high and constant impact energy
  • Energy recovery system boosting impact rate for better penetration results
  • Strong and economical rotation system allowing large reaming holes
  • Standard configuration with hydraulic reverse percussion, allowing long hole drilling applications
  • The shortest drifter in its category; longer holes for the same feed size
  • No tie rods; single body drifter prevents seizing and breakage issues
  • No need to re-inflate accumulators between overhauls
  • New patented anti-cavitation sealing system, increasing intervals between overhauls
  • New drifter concept with less parts for handy maintenance

Surface Mining and Construction

The versatile HC95 drifter can be used on surface mining operations with a Montabert 295 CPA excavator-mounted rock drill attachment aimed to match or exceed the production rate of conventional drill rigs. It offers contractors the versatility to drill holes from 63.5 to 101.6 mm in diameter, and up to 22 m deep.

Underground Mining

In underground mines the Montabert HC95 Drifter is used for long hole Drilling and Roof bolting.

Underground Drill rigs that use a HC95

Resemin – Troidon 44 XP, Troidon 55 XP, Troidon 66 XP, Raptor series, Cable R55

Joy Global – Joy Vein Runner II

Komatsu – Small-class bolter (ZB21) small-class jumbo (ZJ21) and  medium-class jumbo ZJ32i/ZJ32Bi

Kaishan – Tunneling Jumbo KJ212, KJ211, KJ310, KJ311, KJ421, KJ422

XCMG – TZ3A, TZ3S, TZ2A, TGC1300

GHH – Mine Master Face Master 1.4

Repairs and Maintenance:

Insumbi Montabert HC95 Repair

Maintenance Hours 400Hours 800hours 1600hours

Here at Insumbi Technical Business we put our customers hydraulic drifters on preventative maintenance schedule because it saves money and allows longer life out your drifter. Through these maintenance schedules you can determine site abuse and avoid catastrophic failures.

Insumbi is an approved by Montabert France for South Africa

All technician have been certified to work on Montabert Drifters.

We are the only company who can dyno your hydraulic drifter on completion.

All parts supplied are OEM

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