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Sandvik rock drill repairs

Sandvik Rock Drill Repair

Sandvik Rock drill repair

Sandvik rock drill repairs:

At Insumbi service center we specialize in hydraulic drifter repairs done on Sandvik Rock drills. We have been the lead repairer of Rock drills in South Africa for the last 12 years.

Insumbi repairs all hydraulic Sandvik drifters used on Surface Drill rigs and Underground Drill Jumbos.

Pantera DP1600i OPEN PITUnder Ground Drilling sandvik
Surface and Underground Drifter repairs

Sandvik Drifter Dyno

Insumbi hydraulic dyno tester is used before and after drifter repairs. All data is saved to build up a performance history on every drifter.

On first inspections we run our Drifter Dyno Tester to do initial fault finding to determine under performance and by pass hydraulic leaks.

Drifter Dyno sandvik hl1560

Final Dyno once Rock drill has been repaired. Diagnostic sheet is printed and signed off by customers.

Dyno test the full range of Sandvik Rock drills

Rock Drill Repairs:

Drifter Repairs sandvik 1560 rock drill

Repairing a Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill

We repair and maintane the full range of Sandvik Rock Drill drifters.

RD314 – H200 – HLX-1 – RDX5 – HLX-5 – HL700 – HL800 – HL1000 – HL1500 – HL1560 – RD1840C

  • Sandvik h200 rock drill
  • sandvik RD314 rock drill
  • sandvik HLX1 rock drill
  • sandvik HL710 rock drill
  • sandvik HL820t Rock drill
  • sandvik HL1560t rock dril

Sandvik rock drill spare parts:

Sandvik Piston

We supply Original SANDVIK rock drill spares and quality Replacement drifter spares.

  • Sandvik piston 154 141 88

All Insumbi repairs and spares warranty policy is OEM Equivalent.

Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill Repairs
Sandvik rock drill repairs and spares