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Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill Repairs

Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill Repairs
Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill Repairs

Sandviks Hydraulic Rock Drill HL1560 also known as a Hydraulic Drifter or Hydraulic Hammer HL 1560T, 1560ST Part # (BG 003 613 94 bB). This is one of Sandviks larger and more powerfull (33kw) Rock Drills in the market, the HL1560T – HL1560ST Drifter is used on Sandviks Top Hammer drill rig called the Pantera DP1500i for surface mines – quarries and Construction sites.

Hole diameter89 – 127 mm (with rods)
89 – 152 mm (with tube rods)
Power class33kW
Percussion rate30 – 40 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max.)
90 – 200 bar
200 bar
Rotation motor typeOMT 400, OMT 500
Drill steelsT51, ST58, GT60, ST68
ShanksØ65 mm rods
Ø80 mm rods
Ø80 mm rods
Ø80 mm rods
T51 / ST58 / GT60 – 760
GT60 – 760
ST68 – 630
ST58 / ST68 – 635
Weight470 – 490 kg

Pantera DP1500i Drill Rig

The Pantera DP1500i Top Hammer drill rig is designed to bring a true productivity boost to surface top hammer drilling in quarries and mines. Based on the well-known DPi characteristics, the reformed drill rigs feature improvements that provide true power, fuel economy, more uptime hours and smooth flow of operation.

This is only achievable through the correct technical support provided by Insumbi Technical Business.

Insumbi Sandvik repairs and maintenance

Let Insumbi Service Centre keep your Sandvik Drill rigs running optimally and efficiently with our support you wont be left weeks with out drilling or technical support.

Insumbi Service Centre

Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill Repairs

HL 1560 Drifter Repairs by Insumbi

Sandvik HL1560 Rock Drill Repairs done by Insumbi are preformed by qualified technicians that can identify and repair your Sandvik drifter in 48hours with a full OEM equivalent warranty.

As leaders in the hydraulic drifter industry you can trust our trained and qualified technicians to repair your Sandvik Drifter (Rock Drill). We repair Sandvik HL1560 in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Chile.

We use Sandvik Tamrock Original Spares and Superior Quality Replacement spares. Contact us

Supplier of New and Reconditioned HL1560 Drifters

When a drifter has been completely destroyed (Catastrophic failure) the customer has the option either to repair the drifter or purchase either a new HL1560 drifter or trade in their old destroyed drifter for a recon drifter.

All drifters supplied by Insumbi Technical Business are dyno tested on our in house hydraulic test bench and comes with OEM equivalent warranties.

HL1560 Dyno Test

Dyno Testing a Sandvik Hydraulic Drifter

All Drifter repairs on completion are dyno tested. We simulate working pressures and flow. Our hydraulic test bench allows us to identify failures and low performance. All drifters are signed off on completion by our customer or a engineer.

Drifters that are repaired or supplied by Insumbi are placed on a maintenance schedules, where we keep all records of the drifter. This allows us to build a history file of every drifter that comes into our factory. And hold certain parts for quick repair times.

Hydraulic Orbital Motor Repair:

Insumbi repairs all orbital motors that are used on Sandvik Drifters.

On the HL1560 drifter we repair and maintain the OMT400 – OMT500 Sauer Danfoss orbital motors repairs.

Cat Engine Repairs

Sandviks DPi1500 runs on either a CAT C9 or CAT C11 Engine.

  • Cat engine repairs

Let us maintain and overhaul your CAT engines . Accepted repairs and overhaul CAT engines from all over Southern Africa.

All engines are Dyno tested on completion and supplied with OEM equivalent warranty’s.

Sandvik h200 rock drill

Sandvik H200 Rock Drill

Sandvik H200 hydraulic drifter (rock drill 7806 2026 ) is used for rock bolting on Sandvik (Tamrock) underground drill rigs and is also suitable for tunneling and mine development drilling on Sandvik bolter jumbos.

H200 SANDVIK Drifter
Technical data
Hole diameter bolting33 – 41 mm
Hole diameter drilling35 – 41 mm
Hole diameter reaming76 – 89 mm
Power class10 kW
Percussion rate40 – 65 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max.)

140 – 200 bar
210 bar
Rotation motor typeOMS 125
Drill steels
Bolting (drilling)

Male R32 – Male R25
Male R28 – Male R32
Male R32 – Male R38
Bolting (TUC drilling line)
Bolting (TUC bolting line for S bolting system)

R32 (female)
R32 (male) – R38 (male)
R32 (male) – R38 (male)
Weight95 kg

Used on these Sandvik Rock Support Bolter jumbos

DS2710 – DS2711 – DS311 – DS311D – DS311DE – DS312D – DS312

Sandvik H200 Drifter Repairs

As leaders in the hydraulic drifter industry you can trust our trained and qualified technicians to repair your Sandvik H200 Drifter (Rock Drill). We repair Sandvik H200 in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Chile.

Sandvik H200 Drifter repaired at our factory. Repaired to Sandvik original standards and specifications. We are the only drifter facility in Africa who can Dyno your drifter and build a performance history.

H200 Drifter Spares

H200 Spares South Africa

With our global reach and constant Research and Development in Drifter spares you can rest assure your drifter will be repaired to the highest standards. We use OEM Sandvik spares and high quality replacement spares where needed.

H200 Drifter Parts we supply:

  • Seal Kits – 78400965
  • Seal Kits – 78401076
  • Diaphragm Kit – 78401789
  • High pressure Accumulator – 78217269
  • H200 Percussion Piston – 70130094
  • Plug – 70281155
  • Main Gear – 78401170
    • 38 TEETH GEAR -70070688
    • Stop Shank -70420416
    • Bronze Driver – 70220761


After all repairs of Sandvik H200 drifters they are placed on a hydraulic diagnostic test table to simulate all pressures and flows. This is done in the presence of the customer to sign off. Our Dyno tester is also used for fault finding to determine true cause of failure.

Below is an example of a larger underground Sandvik HLX5 Drifter set up to our in house dyno.

Insumbi warranty equivalent to OEM Sandvik